Connect and Create the Future of Urban Design

International Urban Design Conference
13-16 November 2019
Hobart, TAS

Work together to create cities equipped for environmental, economic and social change.

Urban design is open to a world of imagination – but in order to bring projects to life, there needs to be a connection between those who create the plans, and those who approve them.

Synergy between creators and curators is what’s needed to ensure our cities continue to create feasible, sustainable and liveable spaces while adhering to the latest industry policies and procedures.

Be inspired by international experts in urban design, make the right connections to put your projects into action and discover the innovations set to advance global urban design at the 2019 International Urban Design Conference.

With renowned keynote speakers, industry presenters, workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities, this is the perfect space to share ideas, collaborate and discover the projects revolutionising the urban design industry.

Why Attend the 2019 International Urban Design Conference?

Meet international experts in urban design, planning, construction and development

Connect with a wide network of urban design professionals

Stay up to date with the latest industry policies and procedures

Share ideas, experiences and research

Enjoy post-conference tours to experience Tasmanian food, architecture and natural surrounds

Are you aware of the future direction of urban design?

Without the opportunity to share research, experiences and future plans, the quality of urban living is at risk of major disruption, failed projects and poor future planning.

You deserve a platform to connect, collaborate and advance the state of urban design.

We know the work you do plays a pivotal role in maintaining a high quality of living. We also understand how important it is to be part of a community where you can connect, network and share ideas.

The International Urban Design Conference is a space designed for urban design professionals.

Hear from experts in urban design, planning, construction and development. Stay up to date with the latest industry practices. Connect with fellow professionals from all facets of urban design.

Together, we will build a creative, cohesive and advanced urban design industry.

Invited Keynote Speakers

Principal Architect – Office of the Government Architect NSW

Adjunct Professor Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney

Helping Cities Implement SDG’s/ IFSUD specialist (partnerships, investment & planning)

Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania

Mona’s DarkLab Creative Director & Keynote Speaker

Principal Manager Urban Design, Transport for NSW


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